Despite its total land size, Singapore has become one of the most successful countries located in Asia. This said city has been prospering primarily within the fields of tourism, marketing, and business industry. With the great governance implemented by their leading sectors, a lot of established institutions and businesses were expanded which results in maintaining the satisfaction and safety of both the locals and visitors.

Right now, there are hundreds of headquarters, branches, and offices coming from various institutions built within the vicinity of the city. Each of these businesses offers diverse products and services to cope with the necessities and demands of the public. To be specific, Singapore has a lot of financial companies to help people find a solution regarding their financial struggles. These institutions could help individuals by letting them borrow money, apply for their insurance, or convert non-Singaporean currencies. And since money has become the prominent medium in enjoying and surviving life in the city, a lot of companies were slowly being added to the list of reliable Licensed Money Lender; visit Lender SG to know more.

As such, here are some of the trusted financial companies in Singapore:

GS Credit Pte Ltd

Established in the year 2013, GS Credit Pte Ltd is a money lender that is known to offer great services and accommodation. Only after a few years of activity, the said company received a lot of good reviews and feedbacks coming from both its clients and employees because they held transactions in a quicker but secured phase. Similarly to other financial institutions, this provides the usual features for loans such as personal, business, and foreigner loans. Furthermore, GS Credit could adjust interest rates depending on the total amount borrowed and the term period agreed to compete with the other plans offered by other companies.

Fortune Credit Pte Ltd

Because of its reputation, Fortune Credit Pte Ltd was proclaimed to be one of the most reliable licensed money providers in Singapore. This company provides solutions to the financial problems experienced by the clients by offering financial services for which can be altered depending on the needs of the said individuals. Also, since this institution is regulated by the Ministry of Law in Singapore, its reliability and security are well trusted; clients are assured to be provided with the most transparent policies for a loan to give convenience and fairness to the people. With proper qualifications for their requirement, individuals can apply for the company’s loans which include renovation loans, foreign loans, pay-day loans, wedding loans, and personal loans.

365 Credit Solutions

365 Credit Solutions promises to process and finish loan transactions within an hour, provides a wide range of loan rates without hidden fees, and receives payments through bank transfer, cash, or GIRO. With their minimal interest rates that only range from zero to one percent addition per month, this company was claimed to be one of the most simple, secured, and fastest loan providers in Singapore.  
For their loans, they have personal loans, payday loans, foreign loans, and business loans as the most common loans applied by their clients. And as an overview, personal loans are the best for the unexpected trips of the individuals, bills of electronic devices, and expenses for medical emergencies. Payday loans were created for individuals who need money this very instant and promise to repay the borrowed money when their payday comes or when they receive their allowances or salaries. For people who need monetary support, a foreigner loan is a great option because this is handy during situations where the clients need an amount for transacting permits and papers because of the plans in taking their friends and families on a vacation or a trip to a different country. And for the last loan, business loans help people who are struggling financially caused by their businesses because this could cover expenses for buying and investing in new types of machinery, pay for the day-to-day operations, and fund processes for the expansion.


People can see that Singapore is indeed prospering over the years. One of the main factors of this success is the captivating tourists’ attractions built and maintained all over within the city’s vicinity. This has also resulted in the establishment of various foreign and local businesses that provide diverse services to help cope with the demand and satisfaction of the people.
As an example, different Licensed Money Lender can be found in the city. Because of the competition, they all have different variations of plans and policies that can be altered depending on the situation of the clients. Unfortunately, not all financial companies in Singapore are trustworthy. Thus, before transacting into an institution, people should verify the transparency of the records and policies of the company to avoid the risk of getting fraud and scammed; visit Lender SG to know more.

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