One of the important things that you have to keep in mind when you are buying a maid insurance policy is that you will have to research about all the different policy offered and also you will have to select the best policy according to the expenses which are covered in the policy and mainly it should cover personal expenses cover, life insurance cover and also wage compensation are the main things to look for.

It is compulsorily for all the person living in Singapore to have a maid insurance policy for the helpers that come from foreign as there is no such service or people who live in Singapore that give you the full-time maid service where they will stay in your house from morning till night or even live with you In your house and they will help you with any work that you tell them to it can either be of household purpose, or it can also be of bringing groceries from the store etc.

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has declared that you should have these conditions for your maid to be working in your house if they are not a citizen of Singapore and they have come from any other country. You should take a maid insurance for your maid in case anything happens to the maid if they are working for you in your house and also have to rake a wage compensation too.

General Policy Structure of Maid Insurance

The general structure to take an insurance policy for your maid is within the time period of 14-28 months’ time, and you are wondering that why is not the time period like 12-24 months then here is the answer the government of Singapore has mentioned that you need to take a policy for extra two months so that I the maid needs money to go back to her home then the policy can cover the expenses occurred.

It is required by MOM that you should have a normal security bond for the amount of S$5000 as these are the things which can provide the extra money to the maid if they want some more money if they are looking to send some money back to his or her family then this policy can be helpful to do all the necessary things.

Is the compulsory coverage enough?

Not every time the required coverage is enough as there are sometimes expenses which are higher than for the amount for which you have taken the policy for and also this will ensure that you have the necessary amount for which you can pay if anything happens to your maid or the maid needs immediate money to send back to her family if there is an emergency that has happened at her house.

The compulsory amount is taken just in case the government has ordered the people to take if they have hired a maid who is travelling from another country to help them with their household or even to handle their children then there will be some emergency expenses that occur to the maid so you need to take a policy so that the maid is also insured you will have the money that is required to deal with all these expenses.

There are many posters of maid insurance Singapore promotion on different websites and even on the website who have posted the articles about some common things that happen in the country almost every time and the most common thing is that the maid will need some emergency fund to send back to their home as an emergency or they will want to go home if any emergency occurs, so you need to have the amount of money ready as per the government guidelines this also provides critical illness insurance.

Here is the benefit which you can gain while you take maid insurance.

  •  Domestic helpers personal belongings.

If any of their belongings get damaged, then you will have the correct amount of money which you can give them to repair it or take a new device if the particular device is declared as non-repairable by the person who is going to repair their devices.

  •  Replacement maid expenses.

If you have decided that you need a new maid as the current maid is not working properly and after telling her several times about this mistake and her ignorance you can decide to kick her on your own if you have called for her services.

  •  Repatriation expense

This covers all the expense to send the maid back to her home if any emergency has occurred over there like one of her family members have fallen ill and needs emergency funds to pay for the operation that is going to happen to them and also you can send the body of the maid if anything has happened to her.

  •  Wage compensation

You can take a certain amount of money to pay for the wages of the maid if they are unable to work due to any reason if there is any disability or any pain that they are experiencing from work so they can take some sort of day off to rest and policy will cover for any medical expenses that occur when she is there with you.

  •  Theft

This will cover any expense that has occurred when there is a theft that has happened and the personal belongings of you or either the maid has been taken by the thief, so this policy will give you the money so that you can cope up with the losses occurred if anything happens to maid or you during the time period of the policy.

  •  Third-party liability

This will cover any expenses that have occurred when there is any damage that has occurred to the property of someone else if the damage has been causing by the maid either by mistake or willingly that depends upon the maid herself.

I hope you get some valuable information from this article.

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