Many of us think that maid insurance policies are just there to pay for our domestic worker’s medical bills. However, there is so much more to consider about maid insurance than protecting her from liabilities. For all the benefits that the insurance offers, some exclusion can lead to an unexpected monetary loss.

While you might already have an idea about these exclusions at maid insurance Singapore, others you might now know about. To prevent denials in the future unexpected claims, here are the less popular policy exclusions that you should know in the main insurance policy:

Financial Help Whenever Your Claim is Denied 

In case your domestic worker gets ill and she needs to be hospitalized for a long period, your maid insurance policy will cover her salary. This will also cover the cost of hiring a temporary maid at your residence.

Indeed, this is a benefit for those who need help with a family member like a toddler or a disabled member. But be sure to select a policy at HL Assurance with a wage compensation that is high enough to cover your maid’s salary. Otherwise, you will have to continue paying her salary out of your pocket.

Moreover, you will be able to use these benefits if your maid’s medical bill can be claimed under her hospitalization benefit. Thus, if the claim for her illnesses or injury is denied, you cannot apply these benefits to you. This is true if your application is denied because necessary precautions were not taken or because of a condition that was not covered.

Injuries from Adventurous Activities or Sports 

You will not be able to claim accidents or injuries suffered under your maid insurance policy at HL Assurance if it’s related to adventurous activities or sports. So if you and your maid love skiing, skydiving, rock climbing, or similar activities, you cannot claim your insurance for any accidents. Instead, it is advised to look for a suitable travel insurance policy that will cover such activities the next time you take your domestic worker for a holiday with you.

Pre-Existing Conditions 

Not all of your domestic worker’s injuries and illnesses will be covered under the personal accident and hospitalization benefit. Similar to your health insurance policy, your domestic worker’s pre-existing medical conditions might not be covered under your maid insurance policy. Moreover, ailments or injuries resulting from these conditions might not be covered as well.

For example, your maid has a high blood pressure that leads her to experience severe headaches and makes her dizzy at work. If she experiences injuries while working because she is feeling a severe headache, the treatments for her injuries might not be covered by the maid insurance policy.

But, there is a way to get these conditions covered by the policy. Insurance companies can pay for the treatment only if it has been proved that she has been working in Singapore for at least 12 months. This is also true if her previous insurance policies cover these conditions in some countries just like in Singapore.

As such, if you wish to hire an older domestic worker, it will be helpful to check if she experiences any health issues.

Suicide or Intentional Self Injury 

Some maid insurance policies in Singapore exclude intentional self-injury, suicide, or attempted suicide whether felonious or not. This is true whether the insured person is sane or insane, provoked, or not. Moreover, it excludes intentional harm while intoxicated or because of insanity, venereal disease, AIDS, childbirth, or pregnancy.

It also includes bodily injuries that require surgical treatment except as such as may result directly from surgical operations.

Civil Commotion, Strike, or Riot 

On the same line at maid insurance Singapore, there are insurance policies that offer to pay the amount suffered by the maid during a riot, strike, etc. only if the insured person did not participate, collaborate, or provoke such an act.

Traveling Alone 

Sometimes you might think that your domestic worker’s insurance policy will remain full force throughout her employment, sometimes you will be surprised to know that there are lapses throughout the coverage.

For example, dengue coverage is one great benefit that is included in some maid insurance policies. This is because there are thousands of dengue cases reported each year in ASEAN alone. However, in cases wherein your domestic worker goes home on a holiday to visit her family and she acquires dengue fever in her country. Since she traveled without you, her hospitalization plus subsequent treatment might not be covered under the maid insurance policy.

This is also the same with assault and terrorism benefits which are provided by few insurers only. Unless the injury occurs in Singapore, the benefit will only be in effect if you are traveling with your domestic helper.

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