The crop top has been a staple of fashion for women for decades. It has served as the ultimate summer wardrobe staple and has come a long way since its humble beginnings. This loose-fitting piece of clothing hugs your body closely at the top. This style is all about highlighting your best assets and hiding the rest. The fact that it hugs your body tightly to also means that this top is comfortable, which is definitely a plus. 

Look Chic 

This is one of those styles that look good on everyone and especially works well if you’re trying to appear as though you’re toned and fit. This look is perfect if you want to wear something casual like shorts, leggings, or a shirt. You can also pair this top with boy shorts or skirt and tights. For the right touch of sophistication, you might want to wear your boyfriend’s shirt under your crop top. This particular combination will surely be a hit. 

Look Trendy and causal 

Another example of how to wear a crop top looks great with a skirt. If you’re sporting a short skirt, pairing it with a long sleeve cotton or linen blouse in a neutral color is a nice touch. A cap or pearl necklace is also an option to match the look. 

Look Extra Fashionable 

 Another great way to show off your crop top is to pair it with denim shorts or skirts. Any type of shorts that are in a neutral tone, in other words, those that are not too dark or too light, are ideal. For example, white sneakers can be paired with these types of tops for a casual yet stylish look. If you want, you can also match this top with your boyfriend’s white sneakers. A light-colored blouse and a matching cardigan also go great with this look. 

With Jeans Really Works Best 

 A lot of women are hesitant to wear white denim shorts with a crop top, because they are afraid of the color being ruined by the top. However, the color of denim varies depending on the season. In the summertime, denim shorts can come in vivid pastels, while darker shades can be paired with black. Thus, a sporty crop top paired with dark skinny jeans really works. 

With A Low-rise Skinny Jeans 

 A lot of women have the misconception that it is not okay to wear crop tops with skinny jeans. This is a fashion mistake that women everywhere need to avoid. There are many benefits of wearing this type of top with low-rise jeans. First, the material it is made of will help to reduce your waistline. In addition to that, it can also camouflage any imperfections you may have along your waistline. 

The first thing you need to remember when wearing this top with low-rise denim jeans in Singapore is that it must be tucked into the pants. If it is too baggy in the middle, then it will look like a saddle. On the other hand, if you pair a low-rise blue skinny jeans with it, then you must ensure that the midsection of the shirt is hidden. It is advisable to wear a white turtleneck sweater along with the crop top. This will bring out the elegance in the neckline of the top. As a finishing touch, you can put on an additional layer of material at the collar and under the arms to round out the sporty look. 

For more casual styling crop tops for women, you don’t have to look far. Try a fun and funky pair in brightly colored canvas shoes. The bold and vibrant colors in this piece can be great for both day and nighttime wear. Pair your canvas sneakers with a cute tee and skinny jeans for the office, and a pair of sneakers with leggings for the evenings. No matter how you choose to wear this piece, you’ll definitely be left feeling stylish and polished. This is one outfit you can put on with anything, and it’s guaranteed to make you look good all day long. 

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